3 Major Roof Threats You Need to Know

Roofs are built to be tough and resilient against constant exposure to the elements. However, regardless of their durability and design, long-term exposure to these factors can contribute to your roof’s eventual deterioration. In this post, Berry Roofing & Solar lists three of the worst …

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3 Fun Ways to Reuse Old Roofing Materials

Depending on the material, your roofing system can provide you with at least 20 years of exceptional weather protection. But eventually, you’ll need to have it removed and replaced with a new one. You’d think that the old roofing materials are destined for the landfill …

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4 Tips for Choosing a New Asphalt Shingle Color

Roof replacement is a great opportunity to give your home a makeover. Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, you can choose virtually any asphalt shingle color for your home. Here are some tips on how to choose a new asphalt shingle color. 1. Look at What Your Home …

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3 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof This Fall

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is falling. It’s fall, which means it’s time to make sure your roof is in prime condition. In this article from local residential roofing company Berry Roofing, Inc., you’ll find three key roof maintenance tips for the fall. 1. …

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Where Should the Rainwater From Your Gutters Go?

Gutters and downspouts are necessary features of any residential roofing system; they are responsible for funneling water off the roof and away from the property’s premises to prevent water damage. But where does the water go once it’s redirected?   Where Is the Rainwater Delivered? Make …

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The Popularity of K-Style Gutters

When shopping for new gutters, you probably have come across the term “K-style”. Of the many gutter profiles available in the market today, it is arguably the most popular of them all. Here’s why. Comparing K-Style and Half-Round Gutters When it comes to gutter profiles, …

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Professional Fixes for Different Gutter Problems

The gutters play a crucial role in keeping your home safe from water damage. Their constant exposure to the elements, however, make them susceptible to a couple of problems. You’ll want to deal with these issues promptly, which means turning to a trusted professional like …

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Downspout Extensions: Are They Necessary

Your gutter system is easily considered one of the most important parts of your home. It functions by diverting water away from your home and its foundation. Should your gutters be removed or damaged, that water must go somewhere that may lead to more complicated …

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4 Mistakes to Avoid During Gutter Installation

Ever thought of taking the DIY route when it comes to repairing your gutter, solar tubes and your roofing system? It might look easy, but there are numerous gutter installation mistakes homeowners tend to commit. Check out this list to discover if you are doing one of …

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