4 Tips for Choosing a New Asphalt Shingle Color

Roof replacement is a great opportunity to give your home a makeover. Thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, you can choose virtually any asphalt shingle color for your home. Here are some tips on how to choose a new asphalt shingle color.

1. Look at What Your Home Already Has 

Your new roofing color has to work with the rest of your home’s exterior, especially if your home has permanent or semi-permanent components like brick, stone or landscaping. This may sound like you have limited choices from the beginning, but considering the sheer number of choices – you only have to choose one, after all – this can help narrow down your color choice.

2. Switching From Light to Dark Colors (or Vice Versa) 

If you’re considering switching between light and dark colors, there are a few factors you should put into consideration. If you live in an area that receives more hours of sunlight in a year, you can benefit from light-colored roofing. It’s natural reflective properties help reduce heat from the sun, which can help reduce your indoor cooling requirements. If your home is two or more stories tall, light-colored residential roofing would make the building look top-heavy.

3. Your Roof Should Whisper, Not Scream 

Extreme roofing colors work under specific designs. There’s a reason why neutral colors like gray work with most home types: they blend in with the surroundings instead of calling for attention. If you’re not sure which colors and shades are best for your new roof, ask your roofing contractor for samples, and then view them against the siding and trim during different times of the day. You can quickly narrow down your color choices using this method.

4. Texture Makes a Difference 

If you’ve always had standard three-tab asphalt shingles, consider upgrading to laminate or “dimensional” shingles. Laminate shingles are made of two layers of differently-cut shingles laminated together, creating a textured look that mimics hand-cut wood shakes and enhances its base colors. They’re also more impact-resistant than three-tab shingles, and usually have better warranty coverage.

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