4 Common Reasons Behind Roofers’ Service Calls

There are many different roofing issues that should warrant a call to your local roofing company. Below are some of the major reasons why roofers receive service calls.

Neglected Gutters

Gutters that aren’t regularly cleaned are usually prone to clogging. This is often due to the buildup of dirt and debris, which then prevents water from flowing efficiently. If water remains sitting in your gutters for a while, this can weaken your roof or cause damage to your siding and foundation. Make sure to remove leaves and other debris in your gutters so you can avoid this issue.

Damage to the Flashing

The flashing is comprised of metal pieces that cover valleys, joints and gaps, for example, around chimneys. Flashing, however, can crack due to weather events or neglect. This then enables water to enter your home.

Poor Roof Ventilation

Poor roof ventilation is usually more common in older homes. It can result in condensation issues, which can then build up over time and weaken your roof’s structure. Leaks may also start to become a problem and cause mold growth. In this case, consider hiring a roofing professional who can design and install a better ventilation system for your roof.


It can be hard to avoid roof damage, especially during storms. Windstorms, for instance, can cause tree branches to snap and get thrown on your roof, creating holes or other damage. This kind of scenario isn’t completely unavoidable, though. You can minimize this kind of incident by trimming the trees around your home. Also, don’t forget to have your roof inspected after the storm.

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