Commercial Roofing Warranty: Factors to Consider

Commercial roofing installation is a significant project that you should carefully plan. There are many aspects to it, and it’s important to ensure that all of these are in order — including the roofing warranty. In this post, Berry Roofing & Solar shares a few essential tips on how you can ensure that your roofing warranty is adequate and worth the price you’re going to pay.



It’s best to opt for a warranty that covers both materials and workmanship. This type of warranty can save you from major headaches down the road, as it can take care of the replacement of materials and the repair of defective workmanship. If a contractor offers a material-only warranty, you might want to think about it carefully. In the event your roof fails, this warranty can only afford you a patch kit or replacement material.

No Dollar Limit, Original Cost, Prorated: What’s the Best Choice?

In a “no dollar limit” type of warranty, the manufacturer entitles you to whatever the cost of the roof repair. In an original cost warranty, the manufacturer is only required to cover repairs amounting to the total purchase value. A prorated warranty diminishes in value after some years. Considering these features, it’s easy to see that a no dollar limit warranty is your safest option.

Contractor Vs. Manufacturer-Backed Warranty

Check who’s backing the warranty, and make sure that it’s from the manufacturer and not just the contractor. Generally, it’s best to work with established roofing companies and manufacturers. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that they will still be around when you need them to honor your roofing warranty.

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