How Your Roof Helps Keep Energy Costs Down

’s not enough that a roofing system is sturdy, beautiful and long-lasting. If you want to get the most out of it, your roof should also contribute greatly to improving your home’s energy efficiency. But how exactly does your system make this possible?


Keep Energy Costs Down


  • Reflecting solar radiation: The blistering California heat will have you cranking up your air conditioner, which means increased cooling bills. But if your roofing system is effective at reflecting heat from the sun, that will no longer be an issue. By lowering surface temperatures, a reflective roof prevents heat from being absorbed by your shingles and transferring into your home. This allows you to maintain a more pleasant and consistent indoor environment without relying too much on your air conditioning system.

  • Preventing attic heat buildup: The ventilation helps ensure continuous and efficient airflow throughout your attic. Because it prevents excess heat from building up inside the attic, there’s less chance of it negatively affecting the indoor temperature of your home. This, in turn, means your air conditioner won’t have to work overtime just to keep your living space comfortable, allowing you to save more on your energy bills.

If you want to enhance your roof’s energy performance further, there are a couple of ways to make that happen. Upgrading your attic ventilation and insulation is one; applying radiant barriers to the underside of the roof deck is another. But if you want a solution that’s proven effective, you should consider a solar roofing installation.

Berry Roofing & Solar can help you with this. We are the go-to company for high-quality solar roofing services in the area, with over 25 years in the business. Our tough and efficient solar panels come with a sleek, low-profile design that allows them to seamlessly match with your roof. Their performance is unmatched – not only helping decrease your energy costs, but almost eliminating them altogether. If you work with us for this project, you may also enjoy up to 30% tax credit.

Schedule Your Roof Evaluation

Put Berry Roofing & Solar to the test for all your residential roofing needs. Aside from delivering exceptional roof repair and replacement services, we can also handle your solar roofing installation – an upgrade that may prove invaluable if you’re aiming to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Call us today at (951) 900-1309, or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof consultation. We proudly serve Riverside, CA, and other areas in the Inland Empire and Orange County.

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