Common Gutter Clogs and How to Deal With Them

Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of issues. As much as you dread the task of gutter cleaning and maintenance, it’s still necessary to avoid water pooling and damage to your roofing system. You can also consider letting the professionals handle the cleaning for you especially if you don’t have the means and safety equipment to properly unclog your gutters.

Common Gutter Clogs

You should also learn what usually causes clogs in the first place so that you’ll know what to do should this happen to your gutters.

Birds’ Nests

It’s common for birds to be attracted to your gutters especially if small branches, leaves and other debris are near your home. They’ll normally use the debris to build their nests at a nearby branch, but they’ll sometimes decide to build their home directly in your gutters. To avoid this from happening to your gutters, make sure that they’re inspected and cleaned regularly. You should also consider getting a gutter guard installed to prevent the birds from building their nests directly on them.

Leaves and Overhanging Branches 

These types of clogs typically come from nearby trees that shed their leaves throughout the year. Wind can sometimes break off smaller twigs and branches, which then fall on your roof. They’ll shed even more during the fall season, making it a tedious chore to clean them off by yourself. To save yourself the trouble, consider having it cleaned professionally.

Muck and Sludge

You’ll recognize these as slimy black materials that can be messy to remove when unclogging your gutters. It’s comprised of a rotted mess of broken-down leaves and branches. These materials can sometimes be made from animal carcasses that were unfortunate enough to get stuck inside your gutters. Muck and sludge are great as organic matter in a compost pile, but if you don’t have one, it’s usually better to clean them off and dispose of them properly. If left uncleaned, they can slowly affect your gutters and downspouts over time because they prevent the water runoff from draining properly.

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