4 Questions to Ask During a Roof Replacement Consultation

A roof replacement project is a major home improvement task. However, it’s also one of the most worthy ones. When done right, it not only will increase your home’s energy efficiency, but its overall value as well. It’s understandable then to want a roof replacement to go as smoothly as possible. To achieve that, make sure you know all about the project and with whom you are working. So, it’s important to ask the following questions during the initial consultation.

Can You Do Layovers Instead of Tear Offs?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask your roofers during a roof replacement consultation. If they answer that they can do a layover instead of a tear off and offer the former to you, refuse, and choose the tear off instead. This is because layovers add unnecessary weight to your roofing system and can compromise it’s structural integrity while tear offs allow you to repair your roof deck and properly install your new shingles in the process.

What’s Your Legal Business Name?

During this age of the internet, it can be easy for less-than-reputable roofers to misrepresent themselves in order to scam homeowners out of their hard earned money. Therefore, always make sure to ask for their legal business name, and only accept the exact name they’re marketing themselves as – and part ways with those who are hesitant or unclear with their answers.

Who Will Be On-Site During My Roof Replacement Installation? 

If you’re seeking to hire a roof repair and replacement company with a good reputation, it’s likely that they’ll have more than one job to handle the same day as your roof replacement project. With that in mind, ask them who will be on-site during the project, and only accept their service if the owner, company manager or organization-trained project manager will be there. Avoid those who answer that their roofers don’t need supervision as this can spell bad news for you in the long run.

What’s Your Roofing Insurance Level?

The roofing insurance level is an important thing to look for in a roof replacement contractor. After all, it will serve as proof that they’re qualified for the job and frees you from any responsibility should they get injured on-site. This can be a bit tricky, however, as insurance levels vary by state. Thankfully, you can know what insurance level is required in your state through a quick Google search. If your potential contractor’s insurance level is an exact match or surpasses it, then hire them.

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