4 Mistakes to Avoid During Gutter Installation

Ever thought of taking the DIY route when it comes to repairing your gutter, solar tubes and your roofing system? It might look easy, but there are numerous gutter installation mistakes homeowners tend to commit. Check out this list to discover if you are doing one of them.

4 Mistakes to Avoid During Gutter Installation

1. Picking the Wrong Type of Gutter

Choosing the correct type of gutter for your roofing system is important. There are a lot of choices when it comes to material, size and style, and each one plays a significant role in supporting your roof. Be sure to consult a roofing expert when picking one as some gutters are more suitable on specific roofs. For instance, K style aluminum gutters are commonly used for standard residential homes while ½ round aluminum gutters are used for houses built in areas with a rainy climate.

2. Incorrect Spacing and Location

To avoid unnecessary roof repair, see to it that the hangers supporting your gutters are not more than three feet apart. Failing to do this causes sagging, especially when there’s heavy rain or snow.

3. Skipping the Gutter Cover

Installing new gutters correctly is a good start to building a roofing system that can last for a long time. However, most homeowners do not bother to use a gutter cover. This is a rookie mistake. A gutter cover serves as a layer of protection, and it prevents congestion in your drainage. Furthermore, it makes maintaining and cleaning your gutter easier.

4. Relying on DIY Installation

Learning how to install a gutter is a great skill. However, expert and reputable contractors can save you from further repairs since they know the ins and outs of the job. When hiring one, think of it as an investment and not another budget expense.

Your gutter plays a big role in maintaining a durable roofing system. Make sure you install it properly by consulting a top roofer like Berry Roofing & Solar. Contact us today by calling (951) 547-0614, and we’ll be ready to attend to your roofing and gutter installation needs.