What Does Roof Soffit Do for Your Home?

Soffit connects your siding to the roof overhang. This roofing component is not only essential to the appearance of your roof, but also its efficiency. While soffit is a key part of the roof, many aren’t aware of its purpose and importance.

What Does Roof Soffit Do for Your Home?

How It Works

Soffit covers eaves so the rafters aren’t left exposed. Leaving rafters exposed can cause mold growth and rotting beams, which can be costly to address. Also, mold is not just unsightly, it can be detrimental to your family’s health as well.

Moreover, soffit comes in a wide selection of colors to complement your residential or commercial roofing system. It can be made from vinyl, which resists damage from too much heat and moisture. However, you can also purchase soffit made of wood, aluminum, steel and fiber cement.

Why Is It Important?

Another thing soffit does is it helps ventilate your home. Air can flow through the vents of a vented soffit, providing constant air circulation to your attic. Proper airflow is essential in keeping the components of your home in good shape. With sufficient airflow, you can avoid costly water damage repairs.

Clogged gutters can cause damage to your soffit. Wood soffits are prone to rot, especially when exposed to moisture for a long time. You’ll notice yellow stains on and around the soffit if water has infiltrated the roof. You can prevent these problems by having your roof regularly inspected and maintained.

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