Tips for Proper Roof Replacement Installation

Roof replacement is a large and complex project, and most homeowners don’t know what’s involved with it. Some shady contractors know this as well and are not above taking advantage of the confusion to cut corners. To ensure your new roofing system can provide the superior and lasting weather performance you expect, we have some roof replacement tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

3 Shortcuts to Watch Out for During a Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Tip #1: Watch Out for These Shortcuts During a Roof Replacement

If you notice any of the following issues, you may not be benefiting from a proper roof replacement:

Installing new shingles over the old roof

This is not exactly a roof replacement, but a roof layover. This method of installation is exactly that: your contractors will just lay new shingles over the old ones. They’ll claim this is easier and more cost-effective to do, but a roof layover can lead to a number of problems later on in your roof’s lifespan.

For one thing, you won’t find out whether crucial (but not visible) components like the roof deck actually have issues that need to be repaired before a new roof can be installed.

The problem isn’t only that the additional weight of the new shingle layer might put unnecessary strain on the roof structure, causing the system to sag. There’s also the issue of roof ventilation. A roof layover allows excess moisture to build up in the attic, encouraging mold and rot in the space. What you should do instead is invest in a complete roof tear-off.

Not using the right number of nails

Asphalt shingles need the right number of nails so they can adhere properly to the roof. Some shady contractors skimp on the nails when they install a roof, making the shingles more susceptible to blow-offs, which in turn, leave the roof vulnerable to water infiltration.

Failing to install the ice and water shields properly

Ice and water shields or roof flashing protect the more leak-prone spots of your roof. These may include the area around chimneys, dormers, vent pipes, valleys, and skylights. When these are not installed or sealed properly, serious roof leaks become more likely.

Roof Replacement Tip #2: Learn About Roof Replacement Best Practices

Another roof replacement tip is to familiarize yourself with roof replacement best practices. This can help you choose a reliable roof replacement contractor and benefit from a top-notch roof replacement installation. To ensure you’re working with experts, we recommend the following:

Confirm that a full inspection of the decking is completed

For your roof replacement installation to be performed properly, the subfloor must be structurally sound and safe enough to walk on over the coming years. A high-quality roofing team will always conduct a thorough inspection and come prepared with plywood or planks that they can use to fix any vulnerabilities.

Discuss an insulation strategy

It is also important for the roofer to discuss the insulation process with you at some point during a pre-installation inspection. Because attics play such an important role in the roofing system, an insulation strategy in this area is key to a lasting and high-performing roof installation. If insulation isn’t mentioned, it may be a good idea to move on to another contractor.

Check accreditation with the Better Business Bureau

You can also gain peace of mind that you’re working with a trusted roof replacement contractor by checking sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The higher the rating on this site, the more likely you are to benefit from excellent workmanship. For example, at Berry Roofing & Solar, we are proud to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB that ensures potential clients know they can count on us to use roof replacement best practices.

Roof Replacement Tip #3: Choose Berry Roofing & Solar for Roof Replacement Installation

Our most important roof replacement tip is to choose a roofing contractor with a solid reputation for attention to detail and customer service. At Berry Roofing & Solar, we never take shortcuts during any project we work on, whether it involves roof replacement or solar tube installation. We have always aimed for complete client protection and satisfaction, which we achieve by providing unmatched workmanship backed by 25 years of experience.

We proudly serve Riverside, CA, and the rest of the Inland Empire and Orange County. Call us today at (951) 900-1309, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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