How Your Roof Contributes to an Energy-Efficient Home

Your old roof may look fine, but its outdated features and worn-out quality can no longer guarantee good insulation for your home. When heat and cold can easily seep through your roofing system, this can have an impact on your indoor temperature. That is why residential roofing experts may recommend roof replacement. A new roof can greatly reduce your energy bills, especially if it has improved insulation, ventilation and solar reflectivity.

Energy-Efficient Home

Here are some of the ways your roof can increase your property’s energy efficiency.

Roof Ventilation

Good roof ventilation ensures you have a healthy roof and consistent temperature in the attic. This is because a well-designed ventilation system enables proper airflow in the attic, ensuring that no air is trapped inside. A poorly ventilated attic will suffer from heat buildup, which can later affect the temperature in your living spaces.

Solar Reflectivity

Shingles that can reflect sunlight and reduce the heat absorbed by shingles are good for your home because they help you maintain a consistent indoor temperature. If you want to make good use of the sun’s heat, consider solar roofing. Solar panels absorb heat and convert it into electricity for your home, reducing your energy consumption per day.

Shingle Color

Dark asphalt shingles tend to absorb more heat. That’s why light-colored asphalt shingles are more recommended, particularly in warm climates. It’s possible to still use dark shingles if you live in a warm region, but you have to ensure your insulation is adequate to prevent excess heat from getting absorbed into your living spaces. If your interior becomes warmer, your cooling system will have to work harder and consume more energy to reach your desired temperature.


A roof’s ENERGY STAR® rating is based on a series of tests determining its energy efficiency. When shopping for new asphalt shingles, look for their ENERGY STAR labels to see how they can contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. Generally, ENERGY STAR-approved roofing systems are more effective at reflecting heat away from the roof’s surface. This means your interior can remain cooler, reducing the strain on your air conditioner.

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