Advantages of Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are a great addition, especially if you want to bring more natural light into cramped areas inside your home. They are often described like a tunnel that goes from the roof to the ceiling. And, while that means carving a hole in your residential roofing, there’s really nothing to be concerned about as long as you hire a reliable professional for the job. If you do, a skylight installation shouldn’t cause trouble for your roof system.

Aside from that, a tubular skylight can also offer you some advantages, including the following:

Easy Installation

Believe it or not, installing a tubular skylight is generally not a complicated process. Compared to traditional skylights, tubular skylights require a minimal amount of drywall work and roof cutting. Constructing a light well is also unnecessary so you can expect the project to be done quickly. Experts say that a tubular skylight takes only about a couple of hours to be installed.

If you have solar roofing, you might want to consult with a professional first. Ensure that there are no complications in the procedure and that the installation of a tubular skylight won’t affect your solar roof or vice versa.

No Worries About Glare and Heat Gain

Tubular skylights cannot be opened. They remain completely closed so these skylights are often known for providing good insulation. They prevent heat gain so you can keep your home cool in the summer and warm during winter.


Tubular skylights are generally considered as a cheaper alternative to some daylighting options, especially when you consider the material and installation cost. Furthermore, they can also contribute to improving your home’s energy efficiency, which means that they can help lower your cooling and heating expenses.

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