4 Easy-to-Miss Signs of a Damaged Roof

Most people associate roof damage with signs like missing shingles or leaks when it rains. However, there are other signs that are not so obvious yet need to be attended to by a professional roofer.


Damaged Roof


1. Whistling sounds – Whistling or whooshing sounds coming from the attic indicate gaps or holes in the roof. Apart from potential entry points for wind-driven rain, gaps and holes can let wind grip the roof, which could result in uplift if the wind is strong enough. If you find even the smallest holes in your roof, have your roofer fix it. The sooner repairs are done, the lower the risk of bigger roofing problems. Also, small roofing problems have proportionally lower repair costs.

2. Buckling shingles – Buckling shingles, which can be described as curling or cupping depending on the shape it takes, is normal for aging shingles. It happens when the granule layer starts separating from the backing material, which usually happens when it’s past its expected lifespan. Keeping an eye for it can give you ample time to prepare for a roof replacement.

3. Loose nails – If you keep finding loose roofing nails on the ground, either the roof wasn’t installed correctly, or your roof is too old and is due for a replacement. The key difference between the two is the former usually happens just a few years after the roof is installed. If this is the case, talk to your roofing contractor as installation errors should be covered by the workmanship warranty.

4. Sediment in the gutters – Granules come loose from asphalt shingles in small quantities over time. However, as granules lose adhesion over time, more of them begin to come loose. Some result in buckling shingles (described above), and others turn up as sediment in the gutters. If you clean your gutters regularly and still find sediment that’s over an inch deep, then you should look into getting your roof replaced. Note that premature shingle aging happens and is usually considered a factory defect and should be covered by your roofing warranty.

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