Solar Panel Installation: 3 Tips That Make Switching Easier

Solar panels are becoming more accessible to homeowners and many are making the switch. On top of the prospect of potentially becoming independent from the electrical grid, it’s also a sustainable way to power your home.

Solar roofing installation is a complex process that’s vital to the long-term performance of your new photovoltaic grid. In this post, your solar experts at Berry Roofing & Solar share three tips to keep in mind to make the switch easier.

Solar Panel Installation: 3 Tips That Make Switching Easier

1. Choose a System Based on Your Electric Needs

Not all photovoltaic grids are made the same and they come in different sizes depending on your long-term usage. Both grid and off grid systems come in different sizes and the ‘best’ one out there may be too big for your roof. To get the most out of your new investment, you should choose a design and size that’s based on your current energy usage. Determine your most used appliances and devices and use them as reference when choosing a solar panel system.

2. Study the Sun’s Movements

On top of choosing the right system and making space on the roof and the ground, you also want to check the movement of the sun relative to your home. Take note of areas on your residential roofing that receive less sunlight during the day; avoid these and mark the areas on the roof that’s constantly exposed to the sun.

3. Work with an Experienced Installer

Finally, you’ll want to get in touch with your local solar panel installer and have them do the installation for you.  How you install the solar panel system affects its long-term performance and how much you are maximizing your new investment. It may seem easy, but mistakes are costly, too.

At Berry Roofing & Solar, we are a state-licensed roof replacement contractor with expertise and knowledge to handle all types of roofing and solar projects. Our highly trained and experienced team ensures the highest quality service so that you can maximize the benefits of your new solar panel grid.

Call us at (951) 900-1309 to learn more. We are solar roofing experts in Riverside.

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