How to Develop a Commercial Roof Management Strategy

Every commercial building or facility is assembled with unique elements, which is why it is important to formulate a specific roofing management plan that is tailored to its specific needs. To develop the best strategy that puts emphasis on your plans, priorities and budget as an owner, a certified commercial roofing contractor will likely ask the following questions:

How to Develop a Commercial Roof Management Strategy

What Are Your Long-Term Plans for the Building?

Be clear and transparent with the contractor about what you intend to do with your building at least 20 years into the future. Are you planning to hold and, perhaps, expand it? Furthermore, how integral is the building to your business? Are you willing to change locations if a better option presents itself? All of these details are critical when crafting a management plan that best suits your needs.

Do You Plan on Adding New Components to the Roof?

If an extensive renovation is included in your future plans for the building, be sure to notify the roofing contractor about the modifications or additions you plan to make. This is because certain structural changes, such as roof penetrations, can be a major source of leaks if not installed correctly, therefore, requiring roof repair and maintenance services on a regular basis.

What Is Your Budget?

Are you open to making big-budget investments to create a more efficient roofing system with a longer life expectancy and lower life-cycle costs? It is important to let your contractor know whether or not you have the capacity to invest in an expensive but high-quality roof. Do not worry, a reliable roofer will not pressure you to acquire a roof that you do not necessarily need or cannot afford at the present time. Instead, the company will recommend sound strategies that match your current financial situation.

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