Deciding Between Roof Repairs or Replacement

The average lifespan of a typical residential roofing system usually falls between 15 to 20 years. The material of the roof itself can dictate how much longer than this average the roof will last, with some high-end materials even reaching up to 100 years or more. No matter how high the quality of your roof is or how well it’s maintained, eventually it will reach the end of its service life, and you will need a new one.

Deciding Between Roof Repairs or Replacement

It’s easy to know when your roof is approaching the end: problems become more frequent, and the materials that cover the roof do not look as good as they did in the past. The last few years of its life can be confusing for many homeowners. Do you keep your roof for a little longer? Or, do you bite the bullet and schedule a replacement right away?

Serious Problems

Aging roofs are rife with a myriad of issues although, admittedly, very few are serious enough to warrant a full roof replacement. Leaks, for example, are a sign that you might need a new roof. Schedule an inspection visit from a professional right away to determine the extent of the leak and see if a replacement is necessary.

Cost Considerations

Getting a new roof is a big ticket home improvement project, often costing thousands of dollars to complete. Before you make a decision, consult with a roofing contractor about whether it’s the right time to do so or not. Regular maintenance can also tell you months beforehand whether or not your roof will need a replacement soon so you can prepare accordingly.

Opportunity for Additions

A roof replacement can be your chance to finally improve the energy efficiency of your home. Consider installing solar roofing to help you with your bills. The initial cost might be a little higher, but this is balanced out by the money you can save in the long term.

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