Roof Maintenance Myths

Roof upkeep can be difficult, but with the right practices, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. This is why it’s vital to be aware of the things you should and should not do, including the following;

Roof Maintenance

  • “You can repair a roof on your own.” This is one of the statements that you shouldn’t buy. Remember that unless you are a trained roofer, you need the assistance of a certified roofing team to properly repair your damaged roof. A qualified contractor has the knowledge and technical skills to perform the repair smoothly and timely. The pros also have access to the appropriate tools and equipment required to safely carry out the task. Hence, DIYs are not advised.

  • “All issues are covered by the roofing warranty.” Most roofing manufacturers only provide coverage against material defects and poor installation. It is worth noting that storm damage repairs or roof replacement are not included in the warranty and neither are problems resulting from poor maintenance.

  • “Maintenance begins only when you have identified a problem.” Homeowners assume that a brand-new roof does not require regular maintenance. However, even the most premium products need to be maintained at a certain level, especially when you live in a severe climate, in order to minimize the risk of long-term damage. Depending on the type of your roof, you may need to schedule at least an annual or biannual maintenance.

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