How Roof Drainage Works on Flat Commercial Roofs

Between solar tubes and protective coats, flat roofing systems have a lot of supplementary parts that are not the roof membrane itself. These extras help improve the function of your roof and enhance its durability and longevity. One of the most important parts of any roofing system is its drainage, including its gutters and downspouts.

How Roof Drainage Works on Flat Commercial Roofs

Unwanted water can cause quite a number of problems on any roof. Flat roofs are especially prone to these issues due to their low-angled slopes. Roof drainage helps channel rainwater safely away from the most vulnerable parts of your roof.

Roof Drainage Systems

The concept behind draining standing water from flat commercial roofing isn’t exactly groundbreaking technology. Despite its name, flat roofs are slightly angled to avoid water from pooling on its surface. This angle is one of the components that make up the drainage system of a flat roof. The rest of the job is handled by gutters and downspouts.


Flat roof gutters look different from their counterparts found in sloped roofing systems. These gutters resemble canals on the side of streets where rainwater flows into the sewers. Because of its placement and its proximity to other vulnerable parts, flashing strips are used to protect the roof itself against further water penetration. These strips typically cover the areas where the roof membranes connect to other structures on the roof.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Contact your local roof repair and installation company to ensure you’re using the best components that promote roof drainage. Once completed, it’s important to keep these channels clear of any debris that could obstruct the flow of water. Regular maintenance is also needed to keep the rest of the roof in good shape.

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