Important Things You Need to Know About Attic Insulation

If your home tends to be uncomfortable during seasonal extremes, a poorly insulated attic may be part of the problem. Here are some important things you should know before adding attic insulation.

The Energy Envelope

To understand how attic insulation works, let us first discuss what the energy envelope is. The energy envelope is an enclosure that consists of the roofing system (which includes the attic), the exterior walls and the fenestrations installed on them: windows, skylights and entry doors. One thing these components have in common is insulation.

An energy envelope, when properly insulated, slows down thermal transfer. This results in heat retention during winter and resistance to heat infiltration during summer, which results in consistent indoor temperatures, comfortable indoor spaces, and energy savings.

Why Is Attic Insulation so Important?

Residential roofing systems are constantly exposed to sunlight. Without insulation, solar heat would radiate indoors, resulting in uncomfortably warm indoor spaces. The air conditioning system would then increase its output, leading to high energy bills. A properly insulated attic helps keep the heat outside the energy envelope. During the cold season, it also helps keep indoor heating requirements at minimal levels.

Important Considerations for Attic Insulation

Before you start looking up attic insulation contractors, there are a few things you need to consider:

Insulate Both the Roof and Attic Floor

An unfinished attic either has an insulated floor or roof. Having insulation on both not only doubles the amount of protection against radiant heat, but it also makes it easier to have your attic converted as a home addition.

Not All Insulation Products Are the Same 

Ask your insulation contractor about the insulation products that they offer. Compare how much R-value (heat resistance) a particular insulation product adds to the roof compared to the others. Ideally, you should find the product that has a good balance between cost, insulation and long-term performance.

Roofing Issues Must Be Addressed First 

You won’t get to reap the full benefits of an insulated roof if it has fundamental problems like leaks or issues with its structural integrity. Your roofing contractor may need to perform repairs to your roof before they can apply new insulation.

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