Making Sure That Your Roofing Warranty Really Protects You

Have you checked your residential roofing warranty recently? It’s possible that, like many homeowners, you haven’t unless you need to file a claim. However, it’s a must that you check your roofing warranty and make sure to know that it’s really protecting you.

 Roofing Warranty

Know Your Coverage

A roofing warranty does not mean that your roof is protected against everything. There are coverages and exclusions in your warranty. A typical warranty will cover leak repairs and other damage caused by defective materials and poor workmanship. A warranty’s exclusions, on the other hand, includes damage from extreme weather, acts of terrorism and damage from ponding water. If your roofing contractors find out that the cause of the damage is from poor maintenance, then you will not be able to file a claim.

Before signing contracts, make sure to check these coverages and exclusions. They will help you get an idea on how much your warranty can help and whether it will cover your roof replacement and repairs.

Check Manufacturer Requirements

The manufacturer of your roofing system requires its certified contractors to adhere to certain standards, including the latest industry standards. Check with the company if the roofers you’re working with is authorized to install its materials and products. If they are, then you can allow the team to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance. You may, however, void your warranty if the roofers you’re working with aren’t certified by the manufacturer of your roofing system.

Minimize the Need to Rely on Your Warranties

It’s good to have your warranties intact, but the key to making sure your roof performs its function is to work with reliable contractors that provide high-quality workmanship. Check their ratings, testimonials and recognitions via their website or through a quick Google search. A trusted roofer showcases everything a future client can expect from the company, including past work and local reputation.

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