Roof Ventilation Facts You Need to Know

In almost every home, different types of ventilation systems are installed to ensure cleaner indoor air quality and comfort. Exhaust fans are installed in bathrooms to prevent mold and mildew as well as in kitchens to prevent the smell of certain ingredients and meals from …

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Roof Rafters and Trusses: A Quick Guide

Not many homeowners are familiar with all the components of their roofs. Sure, they may be able to point out their shingles or even their flashing. But what about the stuff that’s underneath? Roof rafters and trusses are basically the structural parts that support the …

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Roof Maintenance Myths

Roof upkeep can be difficult, but with the right practices, you can avoid costly repairs and replacements in the future. This is why it’s vital to be aware of the things you should and should not do, including the following; “You can repair a roof …

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Is PVC Membrane Roofing Right for You?

Some roofing systems are usually flat and use one of three common membranes: ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC’s main draw is its 20 or more years of estimated life. The durability and longevity of this material, however, comes …

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Important Things You Need to Know About Attic Insulation

If your home tends to be uncomfortable during seasonal extremes, a poorly insulated attic may be part of the problem. Here are some important things you should know before adding attic insulation. The Energy Envelope To understand how attic insulation works, let us first discuss what …

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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

Your roof is an essential part of your home, so make sure it’s well-maintained and repaired by a qualified professional. Since there are several factors that you should consider and various things that could go wrong during a roof repair or replacement, it pays to …

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How Your Roof Helps Keep Energy Costs Down

’s not enough that a roofing system is sturdy, beautiful and long-lasting. If you want to get the most out of it, your roof should also contribute greatly to improving your home’s energy efficiency. But how exactly does your system make this possible?     …

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